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Heather S. Stiell, Esq.

What Makes Heather S. Stiell Uniquely Qualified To Represent You?

Heather S. Stiell is Senior Counsel at Lasser Law Group. Her practice focuses on litigation and transactional matters in the representation of condominiums, cooperatives, commercial and residential landlords, developers and other businesses. Ms. Stiell is responsible for litigation matters ranging from collections and holdover proceedings to foreclosures and land disputes. Additionally, she handles a variety of transactional matters relating to commercial and residential real estate including contract negotiations, zoning and land use issues, regulatory and compliance, corporate governance and insurance coverage issues.


Ms. Stiell is an experienced civil litigator. Prior to entering practice, she served as a judicial clerk in New York State Supreme Court in Kings County, where she was responsible for conferencing commercial and residential foreclosure cases, researching civil motions and drafting decisions. She is trained in civil and commercial mediation.



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