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  • By: Jared Steiner
  • Published: February 12, 2020

Beware of Uninsured Labor Law Claims By: Jared M. Steiner, Esq. of Lasser Law Group, PLLC Landlords and developers in New York are subject to strict liability for claims stemming from falls and injuries on their construction sites and, as a result, they are required to pay hefty insurance premiums to protect against these claims. Specifically, New York Labor Law…Read More

  • By: The Real Deal, Quoted "Stephen Lasser"
  • Published: May 1, 2018

New high-end NYC condos are seeing an uptick in construction defects — from warped floors to fireproofing problems — and another wave of complaints could be coming Not long after closing on a $28.5 million pad at 56 Leonard last spring, the new owner had a problem. More than one, actually. The master bathroom allegedly had poor caulking, the deadbolts…Read More

  • By: Stephen Lasser, Article
  • Published: January 15, 2017

More and more buildings are added to New York’s skyline each year.  Frequently, it is impossible for a new construction project or building-wide gut rehabilitation to be completed without the owner who is performing the construction entering upon an adjoining owner’s property.  New York has had a statute in effect since 1968, which addresses the situation where adjoining owners cannot…Read More

  • By: Stephen Lasser, The New York Cooperator
  • Published: August 24, 2016

As more and more new condominium construction projects are built, completed and sold off (as well as cooperatives and homeowners associations, although less common) there has been a correspondingly large number of what have come to be known as construction defect cases making their way through the New York courts. A “construction defect” case is a lawsuit brought by a…Read More