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Firm Overview

Lasser Law Group is a real estate, construction and commercial litigation law firm with offices in Manhattan, Long Island and Westchester, which serves the entire New York metropolitan area including the Hudson Valley.

Our clients include landlords, developers, cooperative corporations, condominium associations and HOAs, contractors and business owners. Our legal professionals have large law firm experience and expertise, but provide personal service with a “roll up our shirt sleeves and get the job done attitude.”

We are different from other law firms because we provide our clients with Efficient Legal Solutions™. As a result of our years of experience in specific areas of law, we have developed methods to deliver our clients the results they seek in the shortest period of time possible with the least amount of hassle. Along the way, we provide our clients periodic updates, so they know the status of their cases from the day we are retained until their matters are satisfactorily concluded.


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