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Zoning and Land Use

Lasser Group provides a full array of zoning and land use services.  This includes Land Use Applications at the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals, the NYC Planning Commission, the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Borough President’s Office for all five boroughs, the NYC Council and the local Community Boards.  Our zoning counsel has over 25 years of experience successfully processing land use applications at these public agencies.

Although our focus is in New York City, we also provide zoning guidance for properties located in Westchester, the Hudson Valley and Long Island.

In addition to the agencies listed above, we handle property violations and other matters at the NYC Department of Buildings, the NYC Fire Department and the Environmental Control Board (ECB).  We also resolve certificate of occupancy issues relating to zoning compliance.

Lasser Group also represents buyers and sellers in the transfer of excess development right (a/k/a air rights transfers).  We handle the zoning documentation and the purchase agreement, conduct the closing and negotiate the terms of the transfer as needed.  We have handled large air right transfers between Manhattan developers and smaller transfers in residential neighborhoods in the outer boroughs.  Air right transfers are a tremendous opportunity to generate additional value from your property. However, these transfers must comply with complex zoning regulations and it is essential to retain counsel with zoning expertise.

We provide additional zoning related services such as zoning opinions for construction lenders and obtaining zoning permits for health clubs.