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Common Charge Collections [10 Articles, 3 Videos]

I have a longstanding business relationship with Stephen Lasser, as I’ve been working closely with him since 2009 on a variety of legal matters through my board roles as the Vice President of a 170 unit, 12 acre condo complex and as the President of a 50 home, eight acre HOA both located in Fishkill, New York. Steve and his legal team were hired to clean up significant levels of arrears in both communities after previous attorneys failed to make any tangible progress across a high number of cases over years. Besides collections, Steve and his team have also processed numerous bylaw amendments, as well as serving as general counsel to the communities on a variety of other challenging items (i.e., emotional support animals, environmental issues, liability exposure, etc).

Greg V., Fishkill Condo President and HOA Vice President

Lasser Law Group represented our Brooklyn condo association in a complicated title insurance and payment dispute matter involving commercial units. The condo board was pleased with the results obtained.

Sean C., Brooklyn Condo Board Member

Steve and his team at LLG did an amazing job for our building in foreclosing on a delinquent owner that repeatedly refused to pay monthly common charges. Finally our small building is solvent again and making lots of great improvements, thanks to Steve and his team’s tireless work.

Brian C., Manhattan Condo Board President


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