Stephen M. Lasser, Esq. (Author)


Publish Date: August 24, 2016


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As more and more new condominium construction projects are built, completed and sold off (as well as cooperatives and homeowners associations, although less common) there has been a correspondingly large number of what have come to be known as construction defect cases making their way through the New York courts.

A “construction defect” case is a lawsuit brought by a condominium on behalf of its unit owners against the condominium’s developer (commonly known as the “sponsor”), and sometimes other parties that were involved in the condominium’s construction, as a result of discovering defects in the manner in which the condominium was built. Some common construction defects include: faulty roof or façade installation resulting in water leaks; defective installation of the plumbing systems resulting in noisy pipes, leaks, or poor water flow; failure to properly submeter gas or electrical utilities; defective installation of kitchen, bathroom or other fixtures inside the units; and defective installation or pouring of concrete resulting in sinking sidewalks or courtyards. Download PDF

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Bringing a Construction Defect Claim