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Payment Required to Enter Your Neighbor’s Property: New Case Law Precedent Established

More and more buildings are added to New York’s skyline each year.  Frequently, it is impossible for a new construction project or building-wide gut rehabilitation to be completed without the owner who is performing the construction entering upon an adjoining owner’s property.  New York has had a statute in effect since 1968, which addresses the […]

Airbnb Settles with New York State : New Developments in Short-Term Rental Law

Airbnb is a global technology company with huge revenues that facilitates apartment rentals by owners and tenants to third parties, often tourists, on a short-term basis.  Airbnb reached a settlement with New York State earlier this month, which dropped the lawsuit Airbnb brought challenging a new law that went into effect in October 2016, which […]

Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing and the “Good Guy” Guaranty

Like other business negotiations, commercial lease negotiations depend on market conditions and the bargaining strength of the parties to the transaction (i.e., the landlord and tenant). Unless a commercial tenant is a bank or fortune 500 company, most landlords require new tenants signing a lease to deposit a sum of money equal to several months […]